In 2006 we moved into a new home with eleven orphaned children. Today we are all family.

Our Mission

At Lotus Children's Home our mission is to bring hope to the lives of the children in our care.  We provide food, shelter, a caring family environment, and most importantly, a quality education, so that none of our children will have to return to the difficult circumstances from which they came.  Through kindness, education, and providing positive role models, we strive to give each of our children the skills they need to develop into independent dignified citizens.

Our Passion

We have great motivation to help children in need because our co-founder Laxmi Shrestha comes from an orphaned background herself. Her unique life experience allows us to intimately understand the challenges faced by orphaned children in Nepal.  We care deeply for the children at Lotus Children's Home and consider each to be a member of our family.   

What We've Achieved

  • Created a safe and stable family home for nine orphaned children
  • Raised funds internationally to provide each child with clean water, nutritious food, healthcare and a quality education from one of Kathmandu's best private schools
  •  Welcomed over 40 international volunteers into our home and given each a life-enriching experience
  • Created a following on social media to celebrate our successes and raise awareness around Nepal's childhood poverty
I am continually impressed by the selfless efforts of The Shrestha Family at Lotus Children’s Home. They are sincerely making a difference in the lives of the children.
— Bryan Milks, Lotus Children's Home Volunteer

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Lotus Children's Home is a licensed orphanage with the Government of Nepal.  Government Registration Number: 780  Social Welfare Council Registration Number: 24446